RelayThat: Consistent Designs, Everywhere. For marketing managers, agencies, and teams needing on-brand digital marketing, display ads, & social.

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RelayThat is a popular design automation and brand management application that helps in the creation of consistent, high-performing images adhering to brand guidelines. It is designed to transform any team into a marketing powerhouse, providing a significant brand presence with minimal effort. The app allows users to manage and switch between multiple workspaces and campaigns with a single click, thus simplifying the process of managing brand assets.

RelayThat is also equipped with a headline generator that aids in overcoming writer's block by automatically generating compelling headlines, saving time and enhancing the effectiveness of marketing messages. It also provides access to curated libraries of top-performing color and font combinations, helping overcome creative block and improve the visual appeal of marketing materials.

The app's one-click resize feature allows users to resize and remix layouts to fit any advertising or social media channel without additional tweaking, optimizing marketing materials for different platforms and improving brand visibility. RelayThat is especially beneficial for marketing managers, agencies, and teams as it saves time and effort in various design and marketing tasks, streamlines brand consistency across different channels, and ultimately improves overall brand identity.

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