Yepic Studio | Make Video in Minutes

Yepic Studio | Make Video in Minutes


Never present a video again with our diverse selection of 45+ AI avatars. 

Choose from either Talking Photo faces (great for presenting information on slides) or full torso avatars (great for full-screen presenting).

We combine photo-realistic avatars with industry-leading lip-sync to make the most realistic AI presenter videos.

Personal Talking Photo Avatars

Become an AI avatar in four easy steps! Just upload a profile picture, confirm it’s you, and find your new personal avatar in the Studio in less than 24 hours!

Combine your realistic AI avatar with a custom voiceover to complete your AI persona. 

Unlimited personal avatars are available on Plus and Premium plans.

Voices & Languages

We have 600+ natural-sounding voices rich in both the intonation and rhythm of the human voice. We use top voice providers such as DeepZen, Resemble, CereVoice, Azure, VOCALiD, IBM, Messner, Amazon Polly, and Google. 

Reach new markets by localising your content in 115+ languages and dialects.

Images & Backgrounds

Upload your own background images and foreground images, such as logos.

Or, get easy access to millions of photos with our stock image integration. 

Change the size of your image easily within our Studio and bring images backwards or forwards a layer at the click of a button.

Use hex codes to fill in areas in your brand colours.

Slides & Transitions

Present information, or create different scenes, with our Slides functionality. 

Change slides effortlessly with 46 transitions. 


Add music to your slides with dozens of tracks to choose from.

Commercial rights are included in all plans.

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Video is the best-converting medium, but producing it can be expensive and time-consuming. Yepic Studio makes it easy to make video in just a few clicks.
Turn text to video with 50+ AI avatars presenters and 600 voices to choose from.
Become an AI avatar by uploading a photo - never be camera shy again!
Localise content into 115+ languages and dialects.

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