Userback | #1 Visual Feedback Tool For Software Teams

Userback | #1 Visual Feedback Tool For Software Teams

Userback is the best bug reporting and user feedback tool for software teams. Build better products and manage user feedback the modern way with annotated screenshots, video recordings, console logs and more. Try Userback free!

Userback is a platform that allows you to collect and manage valuable feedback for all your web projects.


Userback makes submitting feedback as easy as grabbing the last taco.

Using a sleek and customizable widget or browser extension, users can screenshot, highlight, annotate, draw on, and vote on and rate any website or app (live or within dev hosts).

This feedback whiz even works within iFrames and on images/PDFs.

No longer will there be any confusion because users can say (or draw) exactly what they want to see fixed, allowing you to build a better product.

Plus, you don’t need any knowledge of CSS or HTML to use Userback.


Feedback isn’t the only thing getting streamlined with Userback.

Project management efficiency is drastically improved with multiple projects and users in one dashboard, user and client permissions, categorization and tagging of feedback, and integration with popular apps like JIRA, Slack, Zendesk, Trello, WordPress, and Basecamp.

Userback can also be seamlessly integrated within your own web app thanks to a handy dandy API.


Once things start moving, you’ll see insights on how your web projects or client campaigns are performing with real-time analytics based on feedback activity.

You’ll be able to track your team’s productivity and feedback over time.


Agencies, developers, and product owners are getting the feedback they need to improve their apps.

Now you can, too, with the Userback Corporate Plan:

    • Unlimited users


    • Unlimited projects


    • Notifications


    • Unlimited attachments


    • User restrictions


    • Feedback export


  • White label

Sumo-lings, for as long as we have codes, this plan is yours for life for just $49!

Start collecting feedback now!



Userback is perfect for Sumo-lings because it is extremely easy to set up and is specifically designed for agencies and web developers.

With access to a unique screenshot rendering engine that works on development hosts as well as live websites, agencies and developers can tackle feedback anywhere.

Userback also differentiates itself by letting you add multiple users (with restrictions) and multiple projects. This is a gamechanger if you’re working on multiple client projects!


Gathering feedback from clients and team members used to mean screenshots and hard-to-understand notes scattered across your email.

But with Userback, you can see exactly what needs to fixed in all of your web projects in one amazing platform.

Don't take your time, though — codes are almost gone!

Get lifetime access to Userback now!

P.S. Learn how to use Userback like a pro! Click here to watch the demo & walk-though. 

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