Insight-driven Local Marketing Platform | PromoRepublic

Insight-driven Local Marketing Platform | PromoRepublic

The all-in-one local marketing platform that provides the insights and tools to manage brands on social media, improve online findability and reputation.



PromoRepublic is a powerful social media tool with custom templates and images, so smaller operations can create a big marketing impact.


Psst, we’ll let you in on a secret: creating professional-level posts that get tons of likes and shares doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming.

With over 7,500 ready-made templates and 100,000 images, PromoRepublic has you covered like the perfect store-bought pie (sorry, Nana) for that office potluck you definitely forgot about.


Even though you’ll be using PromoRepublic’s templates and images, you'll still be one-of-a-kind.

That’s because PromoRepublic has a handy graphics editor that lets you customize hundreds of colors, fonts, and backgrounds, as well as add your company logo.

Although, if you’re determined to flex those creative muscles, you can open up a blank canvas and start from scratch!


With captivating content tailored to your specific industry, PromoRepublic’s media strategy is anything but generic.

It’s got everything you need from health and beauty, to fitness and restaurants.

And you’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers when the creative well runs dry.

PromoRepublic makes it easy to post any day with a Post Ideas Library based on all types of holidays, historical events, celebrity bdays (love you, Ryan Gosling), and more.


Once you know what you want to post, you can schedule your content in advance by time and frequency, meaning you can keep your audience engaged even when you’re engaged in something else.

Plus, the Time Slots feature will tell you the best time, frequency, and content (fun, engaging, promotional, etc.) for posting.

PromoRepublic then lets you track how your posts are doing across different social media platforms with helpful stats on comments, shares, likes, and more.

With three codes, you'll get access to the reporting feature that makes it easier to present digestible reports about your or your clients' social media performance based on essential metrics.

These visualizations make it easy to monitor which metrics have increased or decreased in a given period and evaluate the efficiency of your social media strategy.


Don’t get left behind because you’re too busy running a business to revamp your—and your clients’—social media strategy.

Use PromoRepublic to quickly create quality content and get the most out of social media marketing, all while making the whole process a lot more laid-back.

We already know your business is awesome.

It’s time the rest of the world does, too.

Get lifetime access to PromoRepublic now!



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Features ✨
guarantee Post scheduling tool
guarantee Unlimited posts
guarantee Graphics editor
guarantee 7,500+ professional post templates
guarantee Calendar of 1,000+ holidays, historical dates, and events
guarantee Over 100,000 stock images
guarantee Boosting
guarantee Mobile (connect page + get notifications and share your posts to Instagram)
Term and Conditional
Lifetime access to PromoRepublic Standard, Standard Plus, and Pro Plus Plans
You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
All future Standard, Standard Plus, and Pro Plus Plan updates
Stack up to 3 codes
GDPR compliant
Note: Previous AppSumo customers who purchased PromoRepublic can buy more codes to increase their feature limits
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Access 7.5K ready-made templates, 100K images, and an inspiration library for your social media
Alternative to: Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social
Customize images in a flash with an easy-to-use graphics editor and schedule all your content in advance
Best for: Social media teams looking to cut down on time spent crafting and scheduling posts

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