Google Maps Lead Generation Data Scrapper - Website Email Scrapper

Google Maps Lead Generation Data Scrapper - Website Email Scrapper

Lead Sniper - Your Ultimate Lead Generation Tool

Introducing Lead Sniper: Your Ultimate Lead Generation Powerhouse!

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually collecting essential business data from Google Maps, scouring websites for email addresses, and hunting down social media links? Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming tasks with Lead Sniper – the ultimate Google Maps data scraper and lead generation tool.

Lead Sniper is your secret weapon for efficient and effortless lead generation. With its cutting-edge technology, it swiftly extracts valuable information from Google Maps, allowing you to build a robust database of potential clients and partners. Imagine having instant access to a treasure trove of contact details, including email addresses and social media links, all at your fingertips.

Key Features:

  • Google Maps Data Scraper: Lead Sniper harnesses the power of automation to scrape Google Maps, delivering accurate and up-to-date business information.
  • Lead Generation Simplified: Turbocharge your lead generation efforts by effortlessly collecting contact details, enhancing your outreach potential.
  • Efficient Data Scraper: Say goodbye to manual data collection. Lead Sniper automates the process, saving you time and ensuring data accuracy.
  • Website Email Scraper: Extract email addresses from websites seamlessly, enabling direct communication with your leads.

Don't miss out on valuable opportunities because of time-consuming data collection. Upgrade your lead generation game with Lead Sniper and watch your business thrive. Get started today and unlock the potential of effortless lead generation!

Lead Sniper - Your Key to Success in the Digital Age.


What information does the Google Maps data scraper, known as "Lead Sniper," gather?

Well, it's quite clever. When it visits a business's Google Maps card, it collects almost all the information available on that page, even those high-quality pictures you see.

But there's more to it. If the business has a website listed on Google Maps, Lead Sniper doesn't stop there. It actually goes to that website and navigates through it for additional contacts. Here's the interesting part: it follows the website link, and if it spots something that looks like contact info (usually a "contacts" section), it'll click on it. After that, it grabs email addresses, social media links, and any other contact details it can find. It's like a digital detective on a mission to uncover all the available data.

Detailed List of Extracting Data

  • Name of Company
  • Average Rating based on all reviews
  • Total count of reviews
  • Current open time (at the time of extraction)
  • Open timings of the organization
  • Google Category of the company
  • Google Map link
  • Address of the Company
  • Website Link
  • Phone Number
  • Google Map Plus Code
  • Organization Images link in Google Maps
  • Lat and Long details of the organization
  • Facebook Link (if exist)
  • Instagram Link (if exist)
  • Twitter Link (if exist)
  • Email scraped from Website (Hidden emails in the website)


Google Maps data scraper – Exporting results

Using Lead Sniper, you can easily export data in XLSX or CSV formats. When you navigate to the "Results" tab, Lead Sniper displays a list of your completed projects. To export data for a specific project, simply select it and click the export button. Lead Sniper will then prompt you to designate a destination directory for the export. Once you've chosen a directory, the application will generate a file in either XLSX or CSV format, making it a versatile tool for extracting data from Google Maps, facilitating lead generation, and serving as a website email scraper.

Application Limitations

It's important to be aware of certain limitations when using our tool, Lead Sniper, for data extraction from Google Maps

Primarily, Google Maps continuously develops methods to prevent bots from scraping their data. In such instances, if our scraper ceases to function, we promptly release an updated version of the program. Fortunately, such occurrences are infrequent, and it's probable that by the time you encounter any issues, we will have already rolled out a new version available for download on our website.

You can access the latest version of our tool, Lead Sniper, on our website Toolz4Biz - Lead Generation tool.

Refund Policy

If you find that our product does not meet your needs, we offer a straightforward refund policy:

You have the option to request a full refund within 1 day of your purchase. We believe in keeping things simple and hassle-free, so we won't burden you with unnecessary questions. Your refund will be promptly confirmed.

We understand that there can be various reasons why our app may not work for you, and we want to ensure your satisfaction.

Source Codes Policy

Our application does not come bundled with source codes. If you are interested in acquiring the source codes separately, please reach out to our support team to discuss pricing.

The application package you receive includes a compiled .exe file designed for the Windows operating system. The application itself is written in Python.

If you are looking for a Mac version please reach out to us. As Mac version is available for a different pricing

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Toolz4Biz Website - Lead Generation tool
Toolz4Biz Support
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Features ✨
guaranteeKeyword based lead generation
guaranteeLocation based lead generation
guaranteeExport Data in CSV/XLS format
guaranteeCapture/Scrape Business Contact Details
guaranteeWebsite Links of Businesses
guaranteePhone number of Businesses
guaranteeSocial Media Links
Term and Conditional
Available for $69 for lifetime license for the first 200 users. Before prices go up by 1.5x
Works only in Windows Machines; Windows 10 and above
3 Months of support included with the deal purchase
Online documentation included
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Google Maps Data + Website Email Scraper

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