Feedier - All-in-one Feedback Management Platform

Feedier - All-in-one Feedback Management Platform

The Feedback platform that makes feedback intelligence easily actionable to the right team.

Feedier is an intelligent and interactive platform that entices customers to submit feedback by gamifying the experience.


In our store, you will find a Feedier plan that you won’t find anywhere else. An AppSumo exclusive, if you will.

Inside of this special plan, you get access to:

    • Unlimited carriers (aka surveys)


    • Unlimited feedback entries


    • Unlimited team members


    • 15K emails per month (if sent through Feedier; unlimited if you share links through your own email provider)


    • 500 SMS per month (if sent through Feedier; unlimited if you share links through your own SMS provider)


    • Custom links


    • Custom domain 


  • Zapier Integration

A plan like this would usually cost you $960 a year.

But, for these final 48 hours, Sumo-lings can get lifetime access for just $49!

You only have the opportunity to stack up to 5 codes! With each stack, you will be increasing the number of emails and SMS texts you can send through Feedier.

You will unlock the white label feature the third time you stack this deal! But that's not all. Your third code brings early access to Feedier's WordPress plugin and its bot feature (tell it your needs and Feedier creates the right survey) that's coming in September.

Get better customer feedback now!



Feedier knows customers aren’t inherently excited about providing feedback, which is why Feedier makes sure you give customers a unique and enjoyable experience.

Through aesthetically pleasing and gamified surveys, customers can give you feedback and get rewarded (vouchers, discounts, prizes, etc.) on any device.

All feedback will be stored in one dashboard. Here, you can monitor your KPIs with real-time insights, in-depth reports, and powerful analytics.

Use those insights to build relationships with your most engaged customers and make valuable changes to your business that'll keep them coming back for more.


Submitting feedback needs to be fun and rewarding for the customer. Or else, why in the world would they do it?

Get the feedback you need for your business and build better relationships and brand loyalty in the process.

Snag lifetime access to Feedier for just $49! (These 48 hours will be up before you know it!)

Create gamified surveys now!

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Give customers an enjoyable and interactive way to submit feedback
See real-time insights, reports, and analytics from one dashboard
Issue vouchers and other rewards to increase brand loyalty
Collect 5-star reviews, testimonials, and more. Engage after the feedback!

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