Dubb - Video Sales System

Dubb - Video Sales System

See how Dubb can help you get more video content, team collaboration, prospect conversations, and sales conversions.

Dubb is an all-in-one video platform that helps you engage with your audience and boost sales.


In a sea of boring text, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Dubb makes sure you stand out with game-changing video.

Dubb lets you create and publish personalized camera-only videos, screen recordings, and pre-recorded videos with zero technical expertise.

You can take personalization to the next level with custom text on animated gif thumbnails and video pages.



Your videos will be hosted on a customized subdomain to fit your unique brand, where you can add your own logo, custom URL, page theme, contact information, video playlists, and more!

With its sleek and simple process, Dubb lets you create and share videos directly from your email, CRM, or social channels.

Plus, Dubb features simple CRM functionality in its platform, including contact management, email sending, activity reporting, and more.

With the Dubb Campaign System, you can easily create and send hyper-personalized email campaigns with video using Gmail, Amazon SES or your own SMTP settings.

Whether it’s Salesforce, HubSpot, WordPress, Slack, or Zapier, your gorgeous mug will dazzle from CRM to shining CRM.


You can also upload to YouTube in seconds thanks to a YouTube integration and send videos within LinkedIn and Gmail using a Dubb icon in the messages!

And if you’re camera-shy, never fear. Dubb allows you to share screen-only videos with the ability to display your profile picture only if you so choose. This comes in handy when you want to avoid distractions.

Dubb lets you communicate whenever and wherever inspiration strikes, with both desktop and mobile versions (just don’t Dubb and drive).

After uploading your video, maximize your engagement by adding a title, description, and tags; throw in CTA’s; choosing player colors and themes; and selecting start time, end time, and thumbnail graphics.

Lights, camera, CTA! With Dubb, you’re working with five different kinds of CTAs: email, URL, phone, FB Messenger, and calendar. (It’s a CTA choose your own adventure!)

Control the entire video experience by embedding Dubb videos on your website to provide visitors with CTAs that appear on top of the video after its finished playing. Or use playlists to give engaged visitors even more content.



Dubb’s Gmail extension and Outlook add-in takes the guesswork (and the textwork) out of email.


With Dubb’s detailed tracking, it’s super easy to measure the conversions of emails, calls, and CTAs for all your marketing needs.

Dubb goes the extra mile with emojis that allow your customers to engage with you like they’re texting their friends.

Customer emoji reactions will let you gauge just how your successful your videos are.

You’ll also get real-time data reporting and notifications, so you can see exactly when your videos are being watched.


Sales and marketing teams everywhere use Dubb’s video communication platform to increase conversions, boost sales, and improve communications with customers.

Check out how much Sumo-lings were raving over Dubb the last time we ran a deal with them:



Unlike other screen-sharing tools and other video hosting platforms, Dubb is designed with sales and engagement in mind.

That’s why they offer awesome features like Exit Intent Modals, which captures last-minute conversions from viewers leaving your site, and Pixel Integrations for retargeting from your Video Page.

Plus, you’re getting automatically-generated, customizable landing pages, custom landing page URLs, animated gifs, and multi-function CTA buttons that you can’t find anywhere else.

Dubb integrates with dozens of systems, for an experience as smooth as Barry White’s voice.

Dubb's video magic is powered by a free Dubb Chrome Extension.

And if you're looking for another income source, there's the Dubb Affiliate Program, where you earn very competitive commissions and provide discounts to your referrals. (Talk about the gift that keeps giving!)


You’ve obsessed over crafting perfect e-mail campaigns, only for customers to leave you on Read (and that's if they even read it).

Now you can engage with your audience as naturally as hitting record and saying hello.

It’s that simple, thanks to Dubb.

Get Dubb now and see the difference video makes!

P.S. Learn how to use Dubb like a pro! Watch the demo webinar replay.

P.P.S. Are you one of the thousands of Sumo-lings who purchased Dubb when we ran a deal last year? You're in luck. This is your chance to upgrade your account with more storage and features

For example, once you hit 3 codes, you can automate workflows with actions (send emails/SMS, add/Remove Tag, create tasks), triggers (tag added/removed, video watched/not watched), and contact import options (manual, Zapier, webhook).

This deal is not eligible for existing monthly subscribers to Dubb.

Features ✨
guarantee Lifetime access to Dubb's AppSumo Plan
guarantee You must redeem your code(s) by Aug 1, 2019
guarantee Themes
guarantee Team Management Dashboard
guarantee Custom Video Controls
guarantee Customizable Calls-to-Action
guarantee Team Reporting
guarantee Analytics Dashboard
guarantee Social Profile Integration
guarantee Landing Page Builder
guarantee Slack Notifications
guarantee All future plan upgrades
guarantee 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason
Term and Conditional
Lifetime access to Dubb's AppSumo Plan
You must redeem your code(s) by Aug 1, 2019
Team Management Dashboard
Custom Video Controls
Customizable Calls-to-Action
Team Reporting
Analytics Dashboard
Social Profile Integration
Landing Page Builder
Slack Notifications
All future plan upgrades
60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason
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Create camera-only videos, screen recordings, and pre-recorded videos in a jiffy with no tech skills required
Share and publish videos through email campaigns, Facebook Messenger, social channels, or via a Chrome extension
Get detailed tracking on your videos to measure conversions and success
Best for: Anyone looking to share engaging videos whenever, however

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