Client Portal Software : SuiteDash : Secure + White Label

Client Portal Software : SuiteDash : Secure + White Label

Design your own Client Portal or Customer Portal access using our secure Client Portal Software : Fully branded Login, Dashboard & Email Notifications w/ White Label

SuiteDash is an all-in-one software solution that combines business essentials into a pre-integrated, white-label-ready platform.


SuiteDash lets you build fully customizable client portals for easy collaboration. It’s completely white-label friendly, so brand away!

Handle management, tracking, billing, and scheduling functions—all from one dashboard.

Each client only has access to their specific information, and you can securely post files and documents for them to view or download.

Add contacts to the portal manually with a bulk import or allow clients to self-register with embeddable forms.

Using the platform’s Client Circles, you can auto-assign permissions to any file, folder, or page, so only clients in a certain predetermined group will have access.


Customize client portals and add your own branding with white-labeling!

Project management features include task/phase templates and both recurring and scheduled project auto-generation.

The template library lets you start by loading pre-built and pre-formatted assets designed to get you moving quickly.

And because your files are also organized in an insulated structure, you can say goodbye to frantically searching through folders for that one image.


Build a dynamic dashboard to customize the experience for your client!

Dynamic dashboards and data placeholders let you tailor the client experience with data reporting, and dynamic charts—plus direct links to billing, projects, and more.

You can use the same dashboard setup for as many clients as you like, and information will dynamically adapt to show each client their unique data.

For that personal touch, you can use dynamic charts with custom dashboards to graphically display each prospect or client their position in your funnel.

Plus, SuiteDash also offers a learning management system (LMS) where you can host courses with modules and lessons for both clients and staff.


A built-in learning management system lets you design informational courses to teach both clients and staff.

SuiteDash ensures all your client interactions are a breeze with file transfer share options, dedicated client folders, and email marketing campaign tools.

Each client gets notifications when files or folders are shared, and you can quickly organize downloadable assets in sub-folders or keep files in private locations.

Plus, the platform’s integrations with Zoom, Twilio, SMS sending capabilities, and email templates make it easy to keep up with clients.

Then, add contacts to marketing audiences and automate email blasts to empower your brand and streamline client interactions.


Notifications let you know when files are shared, providing real-time updates for your project!

Take command of CRM with awesome onboarding options and power up your sales funnel with the Deal Stage Pipeline’s built-in automations and reporting.

The proposals feature lets you outline your client’s projects, set a price, and send for eSigning. After approval, the invoice and any additional documents are auto-generated.

Send out auto-generated invoices and securely store bank accounts on file to streamline all your billing.

Clients can manage their subscriptions, memberships, payments, saved payment information, and even process payment through ACH and Plaid.

On top of all this, the No-Code Automations engine gives you the power to create workflows that operate on autopilot, which helps you make more money in less time.


No-code automations give you the power to build powerful systems that run your business on autopilot.

Of all the things you could learn, single-feature programs definitely shouldn’t take up space in your head. (Those spots are reserved for dinosaur facts and Harry Potter trivia, and that’s okay.)

SuiteDash’s all-in-one platform combines CRM, client portals, file sharing, project management, time-tracking, invoicing, and more, so you can streamline client interactions and improve team collaboration.

Manage your business like a pro.

Get lifetime access to SuiteDash today!

Features ✨
guarantee Unlimited contacts
guarantee Core productivity platform
guarantee Branded environment
guarantee Folder structure profiles
guarantee Advanced custom menus
guarantee Email marketing toolkit
guarantee Booking and scheduling toolkit
guarantee Flows automation toolkit
guarantee Trigger and action automations
guarantee Task dependencies
guarantee Custom branded URL and login
guarantee LMS learning management
Term and Conditional
Lifetime access to SuiteDash
All future Pinnacle Plan updates
You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
Stack unlimited codes
GDPR compliant
Previous AppSumo customers will be grandfathered into the new feature limits
Previous AppSumo customers who purchased SuiteDash can buy more codes to increase their feature limits
10 code maximum per SuiteDash account, but you can buy unlimited codes and stack across multiple accounts
Post campaign upgrade: One time payment of $129 for 5 additional staff
Post campaign upgrade: One time payment of $129 for 100 GB additional storage
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Access CRM, client portals, file exchange, project management, invoicing, and more from one platform
Alternative to: Thryv and Keap
Get built-in data sharing and action automation with interconnected tools for a seamless experience
Best for: Software-juggling business owners looking for easy collaboration with teams and clients from one custom platform

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