| No-code Website Builder to Start Your Business | No-code Website Builder to Start Your Business

Our AI powered platform ensures your business is future proof. Try Bookmark for free.

Bookmark uses AI to help you build and customize your website in a matter of minutes without coding or technical skills.


Forget about templates. Those are a thing of the past.

Bookmark lets you answer 7 simple questions (like business type, style website you prefer, etc.) and then uses AiDA to create the highest-optimized website for your industry.

AiDA will help you build a responsive e-commerce site, personal portfolio, or professional website.

And to make things even easier, AIDA will search the web for your company info (logo, address, images, content, etc.) and then auto-populate it into your website.


What if you don’t like the website that’s been built? (*gasps* How dare you!)

Not a problem. All you have to do is ask AiDA to create you a new one. You can do this is as many times as you want. And, every version is saved, so you can always go back to a previous one.

Editing your website is just as simple.

Thanks to a wizard that lives in the bottom right corner of your screen, you’ll always have a step-by-step guide of how to do the most important website development tasks.


In addition to giving you a beautiful site, Bookmark also serves as an entrepreneurial platform.

Inside of Bookmark, you’ll find 23 full-length e-learning courses related to small business management.

Now you’ll be pretty and smart.


Small business owners and entrepreneurs are creating their dream website with the Bookmark AppSumo Professional Plan, which includes:

  • 2 Sites
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage
  • Connect your Domain
  • Online Courses ($497 Value)
  • No Bookmark Branding
  • Mobile Website
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Video Backgrounds

Lifetime access to this plan is just $49!

Yep, you are bypassing months of dev work for only $49.

FYI - For every code you purchase you get 2 sites added!

Let AiDA create your site now!


Every other website builder on the market will make you choose a template to get things started.

Not only does this limit you, but it is also very stressful. (I can barely pick my outfit for the day!)

And if you don’t want to use a website builder, you’re looking at forking over a ton of money to a developer who will take months to build something you may like.

Because of AiDA and its machine learning process, you’ll have a website that is completely unique to your needs, business, and content.


Rome may not have been built in a day, but your website can be.

Ditch the developers and subpar website builders.

Get lifetime access to Bookmark for just $49!

Build your dream site now!

P.S. Additional codes give you 2 sites per code.

P.P.S. Grow your shiny new website with Sumo - plus, we'll give you 30% off 😉

Bookmark Webinar: Click here to register!

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Answer 7 simple questions and have an Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant (AiDA) create a highly optimized website
Create countless versions of your website by just clicking a button
Use 23 full-length e-learning courses to gain the competitive edge in business management
Best for: Website Creation and Small Businesses

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