Analytify - Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

Analytify - Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

Google Analytics in WordPress

Analytify is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives you an in-depth view of your site visitors.


Analytify takes boring, hard-to-understand data and turns it into eye-catching, straightforward analytics that help you see and understand your audience.

And get this, because it’s a simple plugin, you can install all of its features with just one click. That's right, Analytify will do all the heavy lifting for you, so go ahead and put those Google Analytics and WooCommerce tracking codes down.

In one dashboard, you’ll see beautiful, real-time data and charts displaying number of sessions, visitors, and page views.


You’ll also be able to see most popular pages and best marketing campaigns, as well as how people are interacting with your site (where they're coming from, which device they’re using, etc.).

Online Store owners running on WooCommerce, Analytify will automatically integrate all complex enhanced e-commerce Google Analytics tracking in your WordPress site.

This will help in tracking products, clicks, impressions, checkouts, and more.

Not only that, you'll be able to measure your ROI based on the campaign (perfect chance to analyze your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns)!


And agencies, Analytify will automatically email analytics reports to your clients for you!


Business owners, marketers, and bloggers are using Analytify to make sense of their GA data.

And now, you can too with this exclusive AppSumo Bundle:

    • Analytify Pro


    • 5 Sites (up to 50 sites if you stack 10!)


    • WooCommerce add-on


    • EDD add-on


    • Email notifications add-on


    • Campaigns add-on


    • Goals add-on


  • Dashboard widget add-on

Sumo-ling, you can get lifetime access to this plan for a one time payment of just $49

And Sumo-lings, you can also stack this up to 10x! That's the Analytify AppSumo Bundle on 50 sites!

But you have to grab your code(s) before they're gone!

Make sense of your data now!



While there are other free plugins, Analytify was the first to bring Google Analytics Dashboard inside of WordPress. (And you know what they say, if you’re not first, you’re last.)

And the founder of Analytify was actually involved with Google right after it launched Analytics API, so you know he knows what he’s doing.

Analytify is far better than any other free plugin. Seriously, don’t waste your time installing them.


Whether it’s a new landing page, a particular post, or a WooCommerce store, Analytify will instantly show you data you can comprehend.

And with that, you’ll be able to better understand your site visitors and potential customers.

Get lifetime access to Analytify for just $49!

Remember: each code you stack will give you an additional 5 sites. So stack before we're out of codes!

Simplify your data now!

P.S. There has been a price change. If you bought at $69, please email into support with your invoice and we can issue you a refund or credits.

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See simplified Google Analytics on your WordPress site in beautiful, real-time charts and graphs
See your most popular pages and best marketing campaigns
Automatically email analytic reports to your clients
Best for: WordPress Users, Agencies, and Anyone Wanting Simplified Google Analytics

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